Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rainy day Tuesday

Nothing too much going on here. Kirby and I had plans to head to the beach early today and get some sun before the humidity took over, but... our plans changed when a storm came in. So instead, we hung around the house and did some things we've both been putting off for awhile (going through mail, cleaning the master bathroom, doing laundry). Once the rain stopped, we drove down to the mall to pick up my engagement ring I had sent out to get checked and tightened a few weeks ago. I've been ringless for about 2 weeks so I was happy to finally get it back today! (I'm sure some of you ladies can relate to the emotions.)

Once we got home, Kirby went surfing. He's been takin' it easy with this shoulder/elbow lately, but I'm glad he's back doing one of the many things he loves!. He decided to take his bicycle to the beach (fully equipped with homemade surfboard rack) and I just had to get some pictures. :)


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a beautiful blog header...very eye catching...Enjoying some blog hopping tonight....Hope you will stop by...I have some great giveaways on my holiday blog and a special post on Grammy Girlfriend.

Lindsey said...

Hey anna.. what a small world - i'm so glad you found my blog! i love following blogs - esp people that i know!
i can't wait to follow your blog and read more about what is going on with your life!
you look so happy! i hope all is well with you :)

Megon said...

I won't be going back this year - but thanks for asking. I decided to stay home last year...with my son. I will go back in a few years but just don't want to miss this sweet time....though I miss teaching at times. Have a great night!! So jealous your near the beach!!!