Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

1. I'm loving that American Idol is on tonight. Kirby and I usually make ourselves a snack (usually popcorn and M&M's) and make it our weekly TV ritual.

2. I'm loving my new camera! I just can't get enough of it. I want to take it everywhere!

3. I'm loving that the week is almost over already! I could do a 3 day week all the time

4. I'm loving that I was able to go out to eat with my husband tonight. We always have such a nice time together! We love to get cozy in our booth and catch up on our day at school.

5. I'm loving this shirt. I took this picture awhile ago and I've wanted to put it on the blog, but never had any reason. I guess this is a good day :)

What are you lovin'? Link up over at THIS KIND OF LOVE!


Emily P. said...

That shirt is pretty funny!

Abby said...

Yay for new cameras! Now if I couldn't only figure out how to use mine!

Barbara said...

I love your blog! It's so positive and I think you all really make an amazing couple! You are VERY talented with this "blogging"!! I wouldn't even know where to BEGIN with your amazing looking site, the photos, the updates, etc.! Keep up your good work and "Happy Decorating!" in your home! That is ALWAYS so much fun!:)