Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dance Moms

Okay... I have to admit it, I watch Dance Moms!

So when a friend of ours told us that the show was going to tape a competition at North Myrtle Beach High School, my eyes lit up and I got way too excited!  (I tried to act cool, but I probably didn't hide it too well)  Last weekend, I (along with my hired paparazzi, Kirby) went to try and get a glimpse of my favorite dancers, moms, and of course Miss Abby Lee Miller herself.  We stood in the back and were able to watch the awards.  As they got closer to announcing first place, I saw the girls from Abby Lee Dance Company all look at each other and hold hands (just like I've seen on the show), so I got my camera ready...

*click on the picture to enlarge*


At one point after the awards, we saw some of the "famous moms" walk out.  We said hello and that we liked their show.  Surprisingly, they were nice and said thank you.  Then we saw all the dancers following Miss Abby around the auditorium, asking her for pictures.  I didn't want to pass this perfect opportunity to get a picture too...haha.  Even though it's the worst picture ever of this pregnant mama, I just had to post it anyway.  I was probably the oldest, non-dancer or mother to get a picture with Miss Abby that day.... but I love it! 


Courtney B said...

Ha ha! I totally would've done the same thing!!

Jenna E said...

Ahhhh I love it!! Abby is totally scary in the show. I always feel so bad for those little girls, but I can't stop watching