Monday, June 18, 2012

week 39

About the baby?  He's ready for the world... just getting fatter until he comes out.  We'll find out Wednesday what the doctor estimates his weight to be.

Maternity Clothes?  All I've worn are yoga pants and Target's long and lean tank tops... except for the few times we went out to dinner.  And then I came home and ripped those suckers off so I could be comfortable again!

Stretch Marks? none

Gender?  our man, Kaden

Movement?   there have been a few times when he was going crazy in there.  I think he was trying to figure a way out.  But most of the time, he just pushes and makes my belly look funny.

Sleep?  nothing has really changed in this area... sleeping good for a pregnant lady at 39 weeks.

Food Cravings? nothing

What I Miss?  being more active... not just with exercise, but with everyday type things too

Symptoms? hormones are going crazy I tell ya...I'm crying a lot.  Other than that, I have no signs that he's going to come before his due date.

Best Moment This Week? being off of school and relaxing as we wait for Kaden

Looking Forward To? Kaden's birthday :)


Linds said...

so exciting! It's nice that you're off of school and can relax before he comes.

natasha {schue love} said...

The key is relaxing while we wait...not stressing!! Haha, I'm working on it. You look great and at least we know he'll be here soon!! xo

Tami said...

Oh Anna- I cannot believe that you could meet you precious boy any day now. I have loved following along with you on this awesome journey and I can't wait until you get to hold Kaden in your arms for the first time!