Monday, July 1, 2013

1 year check-up

Weight- 21.1 lbs (40%)

Length- 31" (85%)
Head Circumference- 47.7 cm (85%)
Our boy is happy and healthy and developing right along as he should be.  We were very happy to get the good news.  We started the appointment off with what used to be the "easy part"... but has turned into something he's not too fond of- weight, height, and head circumference. 

Once we finally got him settled down, the nurse had to draw blood for an iron test.... which he wasn't happy about either.  It seemed like forever too!  She did give him his first band-aid though :/  It looked so cute on his little finger!
Then we asked a few questions to the doctor... dry patch of skin on the back of his knee, still eating the jarred baby food of vegetables)...  and finally ended the appointment with 2 shots.  Which again... he wasn't happy about.

Oh... and he still has an ear infection.  :/  So she put him on another kind of medication to see if it clears up.  We might have to start talking about tubes.  We aren't too sure about the idea.  If anyone has thoughts or stories you can share that would be great.


basebell6 said...

Awhhh those tears are a familiar thing, Blaine used to scream from the door in to the door out. The 1st trip to the dentist took the cake!

Ear tubes were a hard decision for us; especially since they were suggested after only his 3rd ear infection. It was one that would not not not clear up. Even after 3 rounds of oral meds and then a week of daily shots (talk about h*ll). Here we are 1 year, 3 months later and I can easily say getting the tubes were THE BEST DECISION EVERRRRRRR. We have not had a single sick visit to the doctor since the tubes went in. Looking back I can't believe it bc I went back to school this year and Blaine went to a babysitters around sick kids waaaaay more often than when I was home with him.

Good luck with whatever you decide!

Jenny Edwards said...

I love following your family. He is precious.

Lindy Hylton said...

Cale had tons of ear infections 8-10 in his first year. I too was netvous about tubes, but he is so much better now! He was only 13 1/2 months so they wouldn't do his adenoids, but I've been told that you ask about having that done at he same time.