Wednesday, July 24, 2013

13 months

1 month into his 2nd year of life!
A toddler.
He's a toddler... right?
Or is he still a baby?
Either way, we can't believe it!
 Here's what our baby...errr...toddler has been up to lately.
-loves trashcans!  Everywhere we go, it never fails... he'll point out the trash cans!
-helps out around the house. Puts silverware away. Takes out the trash (see above). Wipes messes up.
-walking... almost running... like crazy!  Nothing stops him either.  When he falls down, he's right back up. 
-talking like crazy too!  New words he's saying lately are: chair, cat, dog, car, hot, hat, sunscreen, golf cart, out, off, yellow, trashcan... of course they aren't perfectly clear, but we can understand him. We love hearing him talk!
-starting to transition into the 1 year old room at daycare (very hard for mom)
-eating pretty well.  He'll almost eat anything we are eating, when we are eating it.... especially if it comes from our plate and fork.  He's been "using" a spoon & fork... and when I say "using" I mean... like a drumstick.  ;)  But hey, it's practice. (...or he just uses his hands, like the picture below)
-healthy.  Knock on wood.  He's starting to go back to daycare more often, so we hope he stays healthy.
-very clingy.  I think it's normal, but goodness, gracious.  He wants our full attention all. the. time.

-favorite toys are a fishing net (that he's caught more bugs in the yard than fish in the water), water hose, the fort Dad made him, and books

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