Thursday, July 4, 2013

summer fun

Another "catch up" type post.  I just can't keep up with blogging.  But I don't want to stop completely.  This is our boy's baby book, so I want to be sure I keep documenting... even if it is the past 2 weeks in one post.

On Main Street, in North Myrtle Beach, there is a fair/carnival set up during the summer.  We rode the golf cart there once so far and Kaden loved it, so we are sure to be stopping again this summer.

We took a trip on a gloomy, going-to-rain-any-minute day to pick blueberries and see the animals at Indigo Farms.  We picked just enough blueberries to make our pancakes and muffins before it started to rain.  We quickly explored the animals and then headed out.


(eating our hard work- blueberry muffins)
What do you do when it rains for 12 days straight?  Go boating in the neighbor's yard!

 Since it was still raining the next day, we played "tourist" and went to the aquarium.  Kaden had a good time, but what he liked even more than anything were the trash cans.  He's all about trash cans lately.  He points to every trashcan we see... no matter where we are... and says "tash caa".
See picture below.

We got caught in some rain on the way home from Walmart one day on the golf cart, so since we were already wet, the boys played around a bit in the rain.
There are the days when we just hang out though... 
I sure do love the fact that we are both teachers and are able to do so much together as a family.



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