Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Commenting Challenge- Day 2

Favorite TV show/series/reality show...

Well...we don't have cable TV... just an antenna, nor do we have time to watch TV so... I guess I wouldn't call it a "favorite" but more... "my only choice"... but the news is what I watch the most.  I love the Today Show and usually our local news is on in the morning and evening.  It's more background noise than anything.
Since that's boring to blog about, I'll share what I use to watch B.K. (before Kaden- which is why we got rid of the cable... since we didn't have time).
I was into a lot of reality shows!
Dance Moms

American Idol (My husband and I actually met Kelly)
Teen Mom

Link up here, if you haven't already!


Karmen said...

We are like y'all. More for background noise. I keep trying to talk Matt into canceling but so far he isn't budging.

We used to watch AI but we've sort of burnt out on it.

Doctor Dani said...

Thanks for the visit yesterday!

I haven't watched AI in a while, but I do try to catch Dance Moms when I can. I hope I don't turn into one of them!

Julie said...

"B.K." is clever! Made me laugh. We got rid of our cable, too. Don't miss it when you're busy with a kid, that's for sure!

Leslie said...

I have the same Dance Moms picture on my post. It's trashy and I love it!