Thursday, December 1, 2011

week 11

Believe it or not, I do have something going on down there, but you can't see it.  Maybe next week I'll put my hands on my food/bloat belly to give you a better idea.

Maternity Clothes? regular clothes are tighter, but no maternity clothes yet.

Stretch Marks? nothing :)

Gender? the votes are up to 9 for boy and 10 for girl.  We'll see...

Movement? he/she is kicking, but I can't feel it yet

Sleep? I caved and started sleeping on my back again.  I figured I have a few more weeks (2nd trimester) until I have to start sleeping on my side.  Sleeping on my back has helped A TON!

Food Cravings? still veggies and dip (what I'm eating right now), but nothing else really

What I Miss? nothing really, but sometimes a soda when we go out to eat

Symptoms? headaches and 1 bloody nose

Best Moment Last Week? when Kirby noticed a little bump...

Looking Forward to? showing for real


Amanda said...

It took me about 17 weeks to be really showing! It is so hard to wait! But when you get to 36/37 weeks you will
Just sit back and smile at your tiny bump you have now! You may feel baby soon! It was 12 weeks when i felt te first flutter! I didnt know what it was at first! But Deric didnt feel anything until 20 weeks. Enjoy every moment!

Tami said...

You look beautiful and I love your outfit! You definitely need to frame "the bump" with your hands so we can see it! :)

Paige said...

Oh goodness!! I am soooo behind! Congrats to you!!

Kyndal said...

Can't wait to start seeing the bump! Work it! :)

Ashley H. said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! Looking forward to following your blog and journey to motherhood. There truly is nothing like it... enjoy every moment, even the bad ones. :)

Jennifer said...

You look amazing! And I can't wait to see "the bump!" :)