Sunday, December 18, 2011

week 13

Maternity Clothes? nope.  I only have to wear the BeBand for a few pairs of pants

Stretch Marks? nothing :)

Gender? 12 boy. 15 girl.  We get to find out January 17th though!

Movement? I can feel my body parts are movin' around in there, but no baby yet.  I found out I have an anterior placenta, so I guess I won't feel the baby anytime soon.

Sleep? so.much.better!

Food Cravings? nothing-  I am working on eating more protein instead of carbs though.

What I Miss? nothing really...

Symptoms? headaches... but I'm working on that.  I hope they stop soon.

Best Moment Last Week? 1. reaching the 2nd trimester  2. getting another ultrasound!  Being able to see our baby, and it looks like a baby now, was amazing!

Looking Forward to? when the baby can start hearing us.  I looked it up and I read somewhere that it happens around 16 weeks :)


Paige said...

You look great! It is such a sweet feeling to know that your baby can hear your voices and will know you whenever they are born!

Amanda said...

You are moving right along!! Amelia's 1st bday is the 17th!! I will alway remember the day you got to find out baby's gender!!! Such an amazing time!!

Tami said...

You are looking great girl! I know you are so anxious to find out what you're having!

Mateya said...

You're cruising right along now! :)

My Dr. suggested a little caffeine for headaches. Thankfully I only had them a few days, but I drank about half a can of coke and I felt instantly better! Could be worth a try!