Thursday, December 29, 2011

memories from 2011

As I grew up, around this time every year, my Dad would sit down with family and write a list of memorable events that happened throughout the year.  It was always a nice way to reflect on the year, but also a good way to keep those memories written down to look back at again.

I did a recap of 2010 last year and so this year I will do something similar.  Just like my dad, I don't want to forget anything (but don't have the best memory) which is one of the many reasons I love blogging.

So here it goes... our biggest memories from 2011!

Way back in January, after 4 years of living in our home, we finally decided to paint!  It was a huge job for us Kirby so I'm not sure when we'll get some other rooms painted ;)

In April, we went to the OBX for our first camping trip.  It was a fun trip and we ended up going camping again in September (click here for part 2) with some friends.

In May, I participated in my first running event since high school... Dirty Myrtle Mud Run.

July I went to my first blogger meet-up!  I hope to have some more in the future.

August 9 we celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary!  ...3 wonderful years with my perfect soul mate!

October was an exciting month for us.  The most exciting news was finding out we were expecting our first child!  We started preparing for the new arrival right away.  We bought another SUV since a baby can't fit into a Lotus. ;)

December was the sad month Kirby sold the Lotus.

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Tami said...

What an exciting year you guys have had! I'm betting that 2012 will be your best one yet! :)