Sunday, February 27, 2011

7 facts award

Exciting news... we got another blog award!!

We received this award from Heather @ Greer's Gossip.  She's a teacher and lives in South Carolina too!  I love "meeting" teachers and people from SC in the blog world.  Thank you Heather!  Head on over and check out her blog!

7 facts about me-
1. I like to scrapbook.  However, since I've started to blog more, I haven't scrapbooked  much.

2. I love food... but who doesn't!  I realized the other day... I probably eat more when I'm not hungry than when I am hungry.  I'm trying to work on that though.

3. Kirby can make me laugh so hard... I snort and then get the hiccups! ;)

4. I bite the skin around my nails.  Gross huh?  If I paint them though, I don't do it as much.

5. When I was a kid, I used to take tap, jazz, baton, gymnastics, and cheerleading. 

6. I've worked at McDonalds... and actually loved it!  My friend Lindsay worked there with me when we were 16 and we always had a good time.  I took my job seriously (not really) and even earned "Employee of the Month".  Booyah!

7. I love learning to cook new things.  Kirby's a good guinea pig too. :)

Since I'm new to these blog awards, I'm going to share the love with 2 ladies-

Anna @ A Day in the Life (love her name... and blog)
Kimmie @ Little Carrigan (friend of a high school friend)

Gosh... the weekend sure did come and go quickly!  Today was another relaxing day with Kirby.  We took another golf cart ride and then we decided to make ourselves a little (okay... big) calzone lunch/dinner. 

Now I'm getting ready to shower, dig into some chocolate filled chocolate chip cookies and watch the Academy Awards!


Anna said...

Thanks for the award! YAY! That calzone looks good:) Have a great week!

Lisa said...

Hi! I came over from Anna's blog and am now following. My family moved to SC last July and am a little obsessed with reading blogs by other people in SC now. I've enjoyed reading!