Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blog Award!

I can't believe it!!  I just received my first Blog Award!  I guess that means that people actually read our blog!  Thank you Simple Girl from Simple Thoughts From a Simple Girl.  I recently "met" her through her cute blog and found out we live near each other.  Small world, huh?

Rules of the award: Once awarded, you must write 7 facts about yourself and then award it to fellow bloggers; make sure to let them know! Also, link back to the one who awarded you!

 7 facts

1. I love spicy food.  If there is a choice to get something spicy, I get it.  I even use hot sauce as my salad dressing sometimes. Weird, huh?
2. Senior year in high school, I was named the "Most Spirited" in my class.  Today though, I'm not as loud and obnoxious. Thanks goodness...
3. I've got "baby fever".  Kirby and I are going to start trying to add to our family in August and I can't wait!4. Blogging is my new hobby. 
5. My husband and I spend way more time together than the average couple and we LOVE it!
6. I could eat breakfast for every meal.  I love pancakes, cereal, eggs, grits, oatmeal, bacon, hash browns, omelets...
 7. I always fall asleep during movies.  Never fails.

Now I get to spread the love to other bloggers.

Elizabeth @ Lilly Lu's Collections
Christy @ Country is a State of Mind
Lindsey @ Lovin' my Life

Enjoy the Superbowl!  Kirby and I will be hanging out, munchin' on some good ol' football food.

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Kara said...

Those are some tasty looking nachos!