Monday, June 6, 2011

d.o.n.e. done.

I completed the 21 for 21 challenge!  It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot too.
(*click on the pictures to enlarge)

1.  I have more clothes than I thought.  I tried to pull out clothes I hadn't worn in awhile for this challenge.  In doing that, I realized that some clothes I wouldn't have ever pulled out of my closet (almost about to give to Goodwill), really could be worn and be cute.

2.  21 pieces of clothing can really go a long way!  I learned a little better on how to mix and match things up.  I typically tend to wear the same things with other certain same things all the time.  This top with these pants, or this skirt with this top.  This challenge "challenged" me to mix things up differently.  Even on day 21, I felt like I still had some different ways to mix things up.  Now I'm excited to see what else I have in my closet that I can mix and remix again.

3.  I'm a solid color kinda girl.  When I was picking out my 21 pieces, I had tons of solids!  I forced myself to think out of the box and ended up with several printed tops instead of solids. 

4.  I like belts.  Maybe even too much.  I really think it helps add dimension to an outfit and it's always my go-to accessory when I don't think an outfit looks just right.


Amanda said...

Its amazing how cute your clothes are and how creative you got! I think you did great with this challenge and put me to shame! I wish I would have followed it as strictly as you did.. I might have to try it again and go full force like you did :)

Kyndal said...

What an awesome challenge! You looked super cute every day. I have to admit, I'm inspired!

The Shamblins said...

Thanks for finding me! 21 in 21 is such a great idea!

Amber said...

Just checking out your really great blog! I tried Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge two seasons ago...utter failure :). I think I made it half way. But, it does allow you the opportunity to be way more creative in putting together outfits! All of your outfits are super cute!