Saturday, June 4, 2011

Krunch Kids

 Kirby here (guest blogger, since my wife bought me out and now owns 99% of the blog :)...

Since we're getting ready to start our 6-week Krunch Kids fitness camp, Anna and I thought we'd share the story behind the program.  In an effort to help combat childhood obesity, and using my personal training and PE teaching background, I came up with the idea called "Crunch Kids Fitness" seven years ago in 2004.  I wrote up a lengthy proposal and presented it to the local parks and recreation division in Baltimore, MD.  They approved the program, enabling me to be an independent contractor for them.  Happy with how the summer camp went, I decided to take it one step further, and turned it into a year-round program.  I operated out of the elementary school where I taught, and ran the program for two hours each morning in the gym before the school day started.  This "formula" worked well, as the children who needed to lose weight did.  I remember one of the children lost 17 pounds in two months.  I worked the program myself in the mornings during the school year, and hired a local high school/college student to help me out during the summers.

Not long after launching the website (sometime during the first year), I was contacted by a lawyer representing the chain of fitness clubs called "Crunch".  They contended my logo too closely resembled theirs (although I disagreed), and requested I change it or face legal action.  They also requested I give up the rights to my website domain name.  Not wanting to fight that battle, I complied by designing a new logo, changing the spelling to Krunch Kids, and dropping the word "Fitness".  Luckily, I was able to make a simple switch and use as the new domain.  Fortunately, they were satisfied with my changes, and everything was fine.

Upon Anna and I getting together in 2006, she began helping out with Krunch Kids.  After moving to North Myrtle Beach in 2007 (if I remember correctly, we moved down for good right after the last day of camp that summer), we started the summer program up here the following year, and have been running it ever since at North Myrtle Beach Primary.

For any parents in the area looking for a great way for your child to stay in shape over summer vacation, check out our program... Krunch Kids

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